Infineon – TLE4966 Speed & Direction Sensor

The TLE4966 Hall Sensor family are double Hall Switches with two output pins for applications with a rotating pole wheel. The fix distance of the Hall plates realized on-chip ensure the optimal solution to cancel out mounting uncertainties and reduce overall system tolerances. Depending on product variant, the sensor provides either a speed and direction signal at the interface pins or two speed signals related to the switching of the two Hall elements.

The TLE4966K/L and TLE4966 -3K can be directly used to realize a robust index counting system. Additional development of algorithms for direction detection becomes obsolete. The built in direction detection is reliable and provides with each index step a valid direction signal.

The speed and direction signals of TLE4966K/L and TLE4966 -3K can be fed directly into the capture/compare unit of a standard μController. This ensures fast and easy system set up. The TLE4966-2K on the other hand has two phase shifted indexing signal outputs. These signals comes directly from the two integrated Hall elements. The direction detection can be calculated by a μController. The monolithic solution ensures minimal tolerances and a highly reliable system.

A lot of index counting sensors have to operate at remote locations. Therefore the TLE4966 family is equipped with robust supply and I/O pins that allows system designers to realized remote sensor modules with a minimum of additional hardware components.

Features and Benefit

  • Wide range of supply voltage
    • 2.7–18V
    • Operation at unregulated power supply
  • Over & reverse voltage robustness
    • -18–24V
  • Reliable switching even in harsh environments
    • Active error and stress compensation
    • Compensation of temperature effects
    • -40°C to 150°C operating range
  • Integrated speed & direction detection
  • Package variety
    • Small 6 pin SMD package – TSOP6-6
    • Leaded 4 pin PG-SSO-4 package
  • Fix 1.45mm distance of the Hall plates

Application Fields

  • „„Index counting„„
  • Rotational speed and direction detection
  • „„Motor driven positioning systems
  • Window lifter
  • Power closing systems
  • Sun blinds
  • Garage door
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