Intersil: HIP2103/4 60V, 1A/2A Peak, Bridge Drivers with 4V UVLO

Featuring the industry’s lowest sleep mode current and a bridge phase node pin that prevents kickback voltage, the devices are ideal for a variety of power tool, home automation and portable medical equipment applications where battery life, longevity and high reliability are required. The HIP2103 and HIP2104 bridge drivers have a configurable topology to enable half-bridge, full-bridge and 3-phase motor-driven applications.

The devices offer low IDD bias current in sleep mode which prevents battery drain when the device is not in use, eliminating the need for an external switch to disconnect the driver from the battery. The HIP2104 has a 12V linear regulator and a 3.3V linear regulator with separate enable pins. The 12V regulator provides internal bias for VDD and the 3.3V regulator provides bias for an external microcontroller (and/or other low voltage ICs), thus eliminating the need for discrete LDOs or DC/DC converters.

Key Features

  • 60V maximum bootstrap supply voltage
  • 3.3V and 12V LDOs with dedicated enable pins
  • 5µA sleep mode quiescent current
  • 4V undervoltage lockout
  • 3.3V or 5V CMOS compatible inputs with hysteresis
  • Integrated bootstrap FET (replaces traditional boot strap diode)


  • Half bridge, full bridge and BLDC motor drives
  • UPS and inverters o Class-D amplifiers
  • Any switch mode power circuit requiring a half bridge driver
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