New Series of High Temperature, Low Leakage Automotive Varistors

AVX Introduces New Series of High Temperature, Low Leakage Automotive Varistors

As a leader in circuit protection products, AVX continuously strives to meet market demands by improving current product and developing new products. In keeping with this tradition, AVX announces the release of new high temperature, low leakage automotive varistors series.


Some Key Features/Benefits Include:

  • AEC-Q200 Qualified & RoHS Compliant
  • Bi-directional overvoltage protection and RFI/EMI filtering in off-state
  • Low Capacitance & High Reliability
  • New Series for High Temperature Low Leakage Requirements

Supporting Documents

  • Data sheet

  • Website

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Applications/ Advantages & Selling Points

AVX Communication Bus Varistors offer the advantages of compact size, bi-directional protection and large in-rush current capability, fast turn on time and off state EMI filtering. These features coupled with an extremely low FIT rate and low capacitance, provides customers with a reliable solution for communication bus and other capacitance sensitive applications. This new series provides AVX customers with a component that could be used in high temperature automotive as well as industrial applications with low leakage requirements.

Coming Soon: Additional Circuit Protection Releases Radial Leaded Automotive Varistors Glass Encapsulated Varistors Range Extension

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