Infineon – TLE496x New Generation Hall Switches

The new family of Infineon Hall Switches include latches and unipolar switches. Designed in a new technology, the family offers high voltage capabilities with very small current consumption. The products can be operated from unregulated power supplies which offers our customers unique freedom of design for their system.

The superior peak overvoltage capability of up to 42V makes additional resistors redundant. This allows the reduction of external, passive protection components which reduces system PCB space, design and inspection cost.

With the typical current consumption of 1.6mA, the family offers more than 50% reduction to comparable products and is therefore ideally suited for upcoming energy sensitive systems.

Targeted for automotive market with high quality requirements, strong ESD functionality and high stability of magnetic thresholds over temperature and life time have been realized.

Offered in the very small SOT23 package, the slender footprint saves additional space and delivers an optimized air gap performance compared to other packages.

To enable our customers system the highest quality standards and fulfill diverse range of environmental guidelines, the new family in SOT23, SOT89 and SIP3 package is halogen free, RoHs compliant and AEC Q100 certified.


  • 3.0V to 32V operating supply voltage
  • „„Operation from unregulated power supply
  • Reverse polarity protection (-18V)
  • „„Overvoltage peak capability up to 42V without external resistor
  • „„Small current consumption (1.6mA)
  • „„Current limited output with overtemperature protection
  • „„Active error compensation
  • „„High stability of magnetic thresholds
  • „„High ESD performance
    • 7kV HBM
    • 15kV system level ESD„„
  • Small SMD package SOT23, also available in SOT89 and SIP3
  • „„Package height 1mm
  • Defined start-up and shut-off behavior


  • „„Window lifter (index counting)
  • „„Power closing (index counting)
  • Gear stick (position detection)
  • Seat belt (position detection)
  • BLDC (commutation)
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