Microchips USB553XB-5000 Family Provides the Flexibility to Create Applications with Both USB3 and USB2 Ports

The USB3 standard is being rapidly adopted by designers who want to take advantage of its increased bandwidth of 5 Gbps and higher-power charging ports. This trend is driving a need for USB3 controller hubs with a high degree of flexibility and integration.

To meet this demand, the third-generation USB3 Controller Hubs (UCH3s) incorporate the four-member USB553XB-5000 family, hase been created. This UCH3 family is also the industry’s most flexible, as it includes a seven-port hybrid version with a certified four-port USB3 hub and three additional USB2 lanes.

This new UCH3 family lowers system costs and speeds development by integrating programmable memory that allows you to quickly customize your products. Additionally, the hybrid controller provides the flexibility to create applications with both USB3 and USB2 ports.

The two-, three- and four-port USB5532B-5000, USB5533B-5000 and USB5534B-5000 are available in 64-pin QFN packages. Look for stock at Rutronik, ICCOM1221, ICCOM1223. Development Support This programmable USB3 controller hub family is the latest to be supported by Microchip’s ProTouch hub configuration software tool, which is available today for free download from Microchip’s E-Services website.

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