Delta Electronics – introduces the standard 2W to 60W encapsulated AC/DC power modules for industry, transportation, Medical, telecom and datacom applications

With creative design technology and optimization of component placement, these converters possess outstanding electrical and thermal performance, as well as extremely high reliability under highly stressful operating conditions in industrial electronic equipment.The 2W to 60W AC/DC power supplies accept a universal input voltage (85-264V, 47-440Hz) with built in EMI/EMC.

They can withstand 3000VAC isolation voltage (Minimum 4000VAC for medical product). The output voltage is from 3.3V up to 48V. There are dual and triple output modules for certain output power range. All power modules are available for PCB or chassis mounting. For 15W,30W and 60W modules, the DIN-rail mounting adaptor is also available. All modules are UL/IEC/EN 60950-1 certified and with CE mark. Some modules also have UL508 approval. For medical modules, UL/IEC/EN60601-1 3rd 2*MOPP are approved. These AC/DC modules are widely used in factory automation, railway and transportation, portable test equipment, medical device, as well as telecom and datacom applications.

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