Diodes: Ultrafast Tandem 2nd Generation

The devices offer a new positioning giving more flexibility to power-circuit designers looking for good performance while still respecting cost constraints. Featuring ST’s Turbo 2 600 V technology, the Ultrafast Diodes TANDEM 2nd Generation are particularly suited as a boost diode in continuous conduction mode power factor correction circuits.

Features and benefits

  • Fastest 600 V silicon diodes on the market
  • Dual tandem 300 V ultrafast diodes in series
  • Soft switching characteristics, 45% less recovery charge
  • Overall power supply efficiency gain by 0.5%
  • Competitive price versus silicon-carbide diodes


  • Green energy and energy saving SMPS
  • Uninterruptible power supplies, servers, telecom and PC SMPS
  • High-power inverters and photovoltaic solar inverters
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