Rutronik presents Vekatech‘s new Development Board VK-RZ/A1H with Renesas‘ 32-bit Embedded Microprocessor RZ/A1H

Features of Renesas RZ/A1H
The embedded microprocessor RZ/A1H with an ARM® Cortex®-A9 running at up to 400MHz clock speed integrates up to 10MB of on-chip RAM, OpenVG compatible graphics accelerator, dual LCD-drivers and camera inputs. The huge internal SRAM can hold two layers of WXGA size images making external SRAM redundant. Using serial QSPI flashes enables compact HW-designs with low pin count ICs.

Features of the VK-RZ/A1H development board
The board is equipped with the 10MB-version of the RZ/A1H in the package BGA256. The processor has 2x32MB SDRAM and 2x8MB QSPI-Flash next to it. Debugging can be performed via standard J-TAG connector. Additionally a USB function interface, provided by a RL78/G1C connectivity microcontroller, is connected to RZ/A1H’s UART.

The Board Support Package includes U-Boot, Linux-GCC, FreeRTOS and CycloneTCP both compiled for EWARM from IAR and can be downloaded from Vekatech’s website. An SD-Card bootloader developed by Vekatech allows for easy loading and running of applications from the internal SRAM, SDRAM or serial flash.

The low cost board is the ideal tool for evaluation and development purposes with the top end RZ/A1H.
Availability of the board with ordercode TOOL3829 in is planned for Q1/2015.

Vekatech Ltd. is an Alliance Partner of Renesas since 2010 and a Leading Bulgarian EMS Partner.

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