Toshiba: 600V Super Junction MOSFET DTMOS IV-H Series

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has introduced a new series of high-speed switching type super junction MOSFETs. The new DTMOS IV-H series consists of the TK31N60X, TK39N60X and TK62N60X, and is based on Toshiba’s fourth generation 600V super junction MOSFET DTMOS IV series.

Using Toshiba’s state-of-the-art single epitaxial process, the new DTMOS IV-H series of super junction MOSFETs is ideally suited to applications that require high reliability, power efficiency and a compact design. These applications high efficiency switching power supplies for servers and telecom base stations; and power conditioners for photovoltaic inverters.

The new series achieves a high speed switching performance while keeping the low ON-resistance level of conventional DTMOS IV – all without loss of power. This is accomplished through the reduction of parasitic capacitance between Gate and Drain, (typical Ciss ranges from 3000 to 6500pF) which also contributes to improved power efficiency and downsizing of products.

Gate pattern optimization results in a 45 percent reduction in Gate-Drain charge (typical Qg ranges from 65 to 135nC) when compared with conventional DTMOS IV. The new product lineup features low ON-resistance (RDS(ON) MAX at VGS=10V ranges from 0.088 to 0.040Ω) and the devices only suffer a small increase in low ON-resistance at high temperatures due to the use of the single epitaxial process. Drain current for the devices ranges from 30.8 to 61.8A.

The new DTMOS IV-H series is currently available in a T0-247 package, with additional package options, including 8x8mm DFN, TO-220 and TO-220SIS becoming available soon.

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