Diodes – MOSFET H-bridge from Diodes Incorporated Reduces Footprint by 50%

Diodes Incorporated has extended its family of dedicated MOSFET H-bridges with the DMHC3025LSD and DMHC4035LSD designed for space limited singlephase brush and brushless motor driving and inductive wireless charging circuits. These 30V and 40V rated MOSFETs have low RDS(on) performance allowing them to operate under a high 70°C ambient temperature, whilst still supporting continuous currents of 3A and 2A respectively, thereby accommodating worst-case motor stall currents.


  • The MOSFET H-bridges co-package 2x nMOS and 2x pMOS that can replace four single devices or two sets of complementary devices.
  • Reduce Footprint: Using single SO8 package, with 5mm x 6mm footprint, these H-bridges can save PCB space, reduce component count, and assembly costs.
  • Low RDS(on) : <50mΩ minimises conduction losses enabling the H-bridges to tolerate high continuous current under motor stall conditions.
  • High Pulsed Current: 30A peak pulse capability allows for a high in-rush current to be drawn safely during the start-up of the inductive load.
  • Max Drain Voltage: 40V and 30V VDSS provides sufficient headroom for the intended 24V and 12V VCC rail voltages.

Full H-bridge commonly found with 12V and 24V rails which includes the applications: Brushed DC Motors, Single Phase Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors Inductive Wireless Charging

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