Next Generation of RC-H5 Reverse Conducting IGBT

Infineon’s latest generation of reverse conducting IGBTs is optimized for the demanding requirements of Induction Cooking applications. Designers can choose between the new 650V devices with increased blocking voltage or 1200V and 1350V devices. In either case you will get best system efficiency and reliability with RC-H5!

The 1200V and 1350V devices are the evolution of the successful RC-H products, focused on single-switch induction cooking appliance. They offer the benefit of a well-balanced cost/performance trade-off, which results in an overall system cost optimization from savings in the passive components.

The 650V devices are a completely new addition to the family, building on the industry leading technology of the TRENCHSTOP™ 5 and the RC-H3, specifically targeted for half bridge topologies in induction cooking and inverterized microwave ovens. The RC-H5 family has been optimized for the lowest VCE(sat),as well as lower Eoff for the improved performance in designs with higher switching frequencies by 30% lower losses, better thermal performance and cost saving.

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