NEW Product – Visible InGaN Cyan Laser – PLT5 488 Single Mode Cyan Laser with 488nm Wavelength

Osram Opto Semiconductors has added a new wavelength to its portfolio of visible laser diodes based on gallium nitride.The PLT5 488 Cyan laser is a new Single Mode device with a wavelength of 488 nanometers (nm) and an optical output of 60 milliwatts (mW). As one of the few manufacturers of direct emitting blue and green laser diodes, Osram Opto Semiconductors has the technologies for both spectral ranges and is therefore capable of providing such application-specific wavelengths.The PLT5 488 offers a competitive alternative to diode pumped solid state lasers and other laser diodes currently available at this wavelength. For example PLT5 488 is the ideal replacement for expensive Argon-Ion lasers. Focus market is medicine: Flow cytometry, DNA analysis/ sequencing, medical diagnostics, bio-fluorescence and particle counting.


-Laser is used to excite molecules in cells

-Afterwards absorption and emission spectra of molecules is analysed to obtain information about cell structure

-488nm needed to specific absorption and emission spectra of the molecules/ cells


Features PLT5 488:

  • Transversal single mode laser
  • Superior beam quality, close to perfect Gaussian beam
  • Output power: 60 mW @ typ. 488 nm
  • High wall plug efficiency of typ. 12 %
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C – 70 °C
  • TO56 package with integrated photodiode


Data sheet and samples available!

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