Infineon – IGBT Module – EconoDUALTM 3 650V/1200V/1700V 600A – best in class

The FF600R17ME4/_B11 and FF600R12ME4/_B11 are the new flagship products of Infineon’s well established EconoDUAL™ 3 series. They were developed with a clear focus on maximum possible power density within a given footprint. With the use of copper bonding technology as well as an improved DCB the output power can be increased by more than 30% when compared to the 450A version


  • New advanced assembly technologies
  • Superb thermal performance to enable full power utilization
  • Plug and play upgrade of existing inverter designs
  • PressFIT and solder pin versions
  • Best in class current rating:
    600V/1200V/1700V 600A with Infineon’s IGBT4


  • Improved figure of merit (Qc x Vf)
  • No reverse recovery charge
  • Soft switching reverse recovery waveform
  • Temperature independent switching behavior
  • Improved surge capability
  • Also available with TIM (Thermal Interface Material)

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