Smallest Buzzer in the World from Kingstate now at Rutronik

As of now, distributor Rutronik offers world’s smallest buzzer KSSGI3J12-A from Kingstate. Thanks to its small architecture, it is ideal for wearable and portable devices.

Measuring only 4x4x2mm, the KSSGI3J12-A from Kingstate is the smallest buzzer throughout the world. It features high frequency 4,000 +/- 300Hz and rated voltage of 3Vop with a minimum SPL of 70dB. Furthermore, the buzzer does not contain hazardous substances. Therefore, the high-efficient, ultra-thin and heat-resistant component is ideally suited for wearable and portable devices, car and home electric, GPS navigation devices, as well as for consumer products, hand held, office and medical equipment.

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