Conquer Automotive Application introduction

Conquer Protection Portfolio:


As you may know, SMD is the future trend, many customers have switched from traditional Dip type fuse to SMD especially in Europe market. The benefit of SMD is that it can be assemble by automation machine to save the labor cost and dramatically reduce production error.


Ceramic Cartridge Fuse

As he traditional glass tube fuse has been replaced by ceramic tube fuse gradually in the market.

We are happy to share with you our new proposals of  3.6 / 5 x 20/ 6.3 mm both Fast & Time-Lag acting Ceramic tube fuse series.


The advantage of ceramic tube fuse as follow:

1, Higher market demand, hence, more competitive price.

2, Higher Breaking capacity (Interrupting Rating)


Power Fuse (NEW RELEASE!)

We are happy to share with you our new release Power Fuse series! These are for high voltage circuit protections.


Automotive applications

In addition to industrial, household electronic applications, the new proposals could be used in automotive applications as well.

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