Vishay: IHCL Series Composite-Coupled Inductor

Composite-Coupled Inductor Designed for SEPIC DC/DC Converters.


  • Two inductors in one package with 94 % coupling ideal for SEPIC circuits
  • IHLP® technology for excellent efficiency and performance
  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • High-temperature operation: 155 °C continuous operation
  • Improved size and efficiency over other technologies.


  • SEPIC converters for LED lighting applications

IHCL Series – Call to Action

  • The IHCL provides superior performance and smaller size than competing ferrite technologies in a robust, automotive qualified package
  • SEPIC DC/DC converters are becoming popular for LED driver circuits, especially in the automotive segment where the input voltage can vary both above and below the output voltage
  • SEPIC circuits require TWO inductors, which can be close on the PC board for coupling or can be two inductors in one package like the IHCL

Inform customers of IHCL Series advantages

  • Smaller, lower profile design for same inductance and current rating
  • Automotive grade (AEC-Q200 qualified, High temperature operation (155 °C))
  • Superior temperature stability for inductance and saturation.

IHCL Series – Call to Action (cont’d)Several sizes and a wide range of values

–8 x 8 mm, 10 x 10 mm, 13 x 13 mm, 17 x 17 mm footprint

–2.2 μH to 47 μH

By using the IHCL Series, engineers are able to design a more compact, robust and efficient SEPIC converter circuit; the smaller size may result in overall cost savings!

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