New Generation COTO RED ROCK

TMR (Tunneling MagnetoResistance) is the next-generation sensing technology for applications like storage/automotive/metering/motor control ..and etc

  • TMR sensor measures magnetic flux from rotary wheel to estimate flow speed/direction
  • High sensitivity TMR sensor could extend air gap and minimize magnet size & diversity
  • Low power consumption TMR sensor is a battery-wise solution for metering application.
  • TMR sensors allow higher resolution compared to bare-glass reed switches.
  • Robust packaging compared to bare glass reed switches. No cracking or contamination due to semiconductor process and packaging


  • Measurement
  • Counting
  • Medical
  • Battery Management
  • Motor Control
  • Level Sensor
  • Ticket Machine
  • Slot Machine

Available are:

  • RR121 1A 2311
  • RR121 1A 23311
  • RR121 1B 13311
  • RR121 1B 13312
  • RR121 1B 53311
  • RR121 1B 93312
  • RR121 1E 73311
  • RR121 3C 3311


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