STMicroelectronics – Galvanically isolated single gate driver

General Information

The STGAP1S is an advanced single-channel gate driver that combines integrated galvanic isolation with sophisticated analog and logic circuitry in the same package to help optimize driver design while ensuring high noise immunity for safe and reliable power control. With its 1500V rated isolation, an extensive, fully programmable, diagnostic and protection scheme and a sets of specifically designed functionalities, the STGAP1S enables power conversion designers to match the IGBT and MOSFET driving stage to both power switches and system requirements in demanding industrial applications such as motor drives, UPS or solar inverters.

BestFit combination

The STGAP1S with a SCT30N120 in combination is the best combination in the industrial market. The SCT30N120 is a N-Channel silicon carbide Power MosFet 45A, 1200V, 80mOhm in a HiP247 package. The outstanding thermal properties of the SiC material, combined with the device’s housing in the proprietary HiP247™ package, allows designers to use an industry-standard outline with significantly improved thermal capability. These features render the device perfectly suitable for high-efficiency and high power density applications.


  • Motor drivers
  • UPS
  • Industrial
  • Solar inverter
  • Electric Vehicle (*)
  • Hybrid EV (*)
  • DC/DC converter (*)
  • Engine drive (*)
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