STMicroelectronics – A698x family High-performance automotive synchronous DC-DC converters


Step-down regulator featuring output current up to 2 A, switching
frequency up to 2 MHz, 30 μA consumption

ST is developing a complete family of step-down monolithic synchronous DC-DC converters, compliant with car battery voltage, dedicated to automotive applications. These devices provide continuous output current up to 2 A and a wide input voltage range from 4 to 38 V. High flexibility is given by several
adjustable parameters, including output voltage, switching frequency and synchronization capability. Moreover, the extremely low operating IQ makes them suitable for many automotive applications, such as navigation systems, dashboards, infotainment and car body equipment.

• Input voltage range: 4 to 38 V
• Switching frequency: up to 2 MHz
• Output current: up to 2 A
• Operating IQ: 30 μA
• Synchronous rectification
• Embedded current and voltage protection

• High efficiency and compactness
• High design flexibility
• Reduced BOM cost
• Power saving
• Automotive qualified
• High robustness and reliability

• Car body modules
• Navigation systems
• Car radios
• Infotainment


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