Osram Oslon Square LEDs in New Task Light HighStick

Oslon Square offers impressive efficiency at moderate cost. The new luminaire “HighStick” from FuturoLighting is the result of successful cooperation between the Slovakian supplier of LED lighting solutions and Osram Opto Semiconductors.

The Oslon Square LED from the German manufacturer offers excellent luminous efficacy as well as long life even at high temperatures and is used as light source for this luminaire from FuturoLighting which has been designed specifically for use in industry. The essential properties include a high brightness level of 1000 lux, the option of varying the intensity of the light as well as glare free lighting solutions.

“We decided to install the Oslon Square LED in our HighStick after conducting a number of studies, showing that it achieved the best results in terms of luminous flux and efficiency”, said Dr.-Ing. Valentin Kulikov, FuturoLighting. “The decision was made easy thanks to the good price/performance ratio, extensive and reliable support and our excellent long-term relationship with Osram Opto Semiconductors.” The Oslon Square offers excellent heat dissipation, stable color homogeneity and long life even at high temperatures. Depending on the color temperature, it provides warm white or cold white lighting between 2400 and 5000 K. Its color rendering index is more than 80, and its impressive luminous flux consists of 200 lumen per single LED.

“HighStick” for industry tasks or high-bay lighting solutions

The “HighStick” luminaire has a color temperature of 4000 K, a rectangular distribution of light and uniform light output, making it the preferred choice for workplaces and industrial halls. It features DALI and Smart Grid interfaces and thanks to its high brightness it can be installed in rooms with ceiling heights in excess of 2.5 meters without compromising on adequate luminous intensity on desk surfaces. With its exceptionally long life of more than 60,000 hours and its robust aluminum housing, the compact “HighStick” (800 mm x 80 mm x 40 mm) is also ideal as a light source for high-bay storage facilities, factories and outdoor lighting installations, such as those used in the architectural sector.

Cooperation between LLFY partners

In addition to using light emitting diodes from Osram Opto Semiconductors, FuturoLighting took advantage of the know-how of another partner in the “LED Light for You” (LLFY) network when designing its luminaire. The lenses in the “HighStick” were produced by the Finnish company Ledil Oy. All three partners therefore brought their relevant strengths in terms of lighting solutions to this joint project.

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