Rutronik presents first fast-acting fuse with 420V AC and DC ratings from Littelfuse

Littelfuse introduces the 487 Series Fuse, the first fast-acting fuse from its 5x20mm fuse family with both 420V AC and DC ratings. It protects telecom power supply units (PSU) and datacenter server power applications where a high-voltage DC interrupting rating is required. The new fuses are available at distributor Rutronik as of now.

The first fast-acting fuse comes with current ratings as high as 16A and in a 5x20mm space-saving compact ceramic body. It ensures the best coordination between a PSU and an electrical circuit breaker panel during short-circuit and over-current faults. When installed in a PSU, the 487 Series fuse opens faster than the circuit breaker in an electrical panel, removes the problematic PSU from the branch circuit, and keeps it live without cutoff. The fuse’s 420VAC characteristics make it ideal for high-energy applications like 3-phase power supplies, inverters and ballasts. Thanks to its 420VDC characteristics, the fuses are an optimal choice for a high-voltage DC power grid in datacenters, telecom, and intelligent commercial buildings.

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