JAE – LVDS Signal Compatible MX55 Series Connector for Automotive Digital Camera Applications

From the point of convenience, legislation, and social demands, recently, the cars equipped with rear and surround-view monitors using camera modules have been increasing.

Especially the demands for digital camera modules for ADAS (Automotive Driver Assistance System) sensing applications are expanding, so we have developed the automotive digital camera connector MX55 Series to meet those needs.

The MX55 Series connector satisfies the LVDS high-speed differential signaling transmission performance. The MX55 Series also features the environment resistance that is required for an automotive connector such as EMI countermeasure, and high waterproof when used as a unit and also when used as an individual product.

Moreover, by changing the key of the harness side connector mis-insertion can be prevented and 4 directions can be selected (right angle type) for the cable pulling out direction and along with the straight type the cable side variation is enhanced. Also, this product realizes a high retention strength though it is small in size.

Note: PCB connector is used by placing it between the customer side rear case and rear case side connector. Rear case connector can be mated with the cable connector (right angle) and cable connector (straight).


  • Passes the specification requirements by the automotive manufacturers.
  • Realizes transmission characteristic ideal for LVDS high-speed differential signal.
  • Available as a completed harness to ensure transmission performance reliability.
  • Whole surface of connector is covered with a ground shell and ground terminals for EMI control.
  • Mechanical lock and twist-resistant structure for mated connectors.
  • Mis-insertion prevention key.
  • Cable pulling-out directions can be set in 4 directions by changing key of cable connector. (Right angle type)
  • Realizes high retention strength though small size.
  • Superior waterproof performance (when mated and used as an individual product, both waterproof, 100kPa, IP69K equivalent.)
  • PCB connector is for SMT type. (2.2mm side pitch, 6 pos., 2 row: 2 pos. for differential signal + 1 pos. for power + 1 pos. for ground + 2 pos. for option)


  • Automotive Camera Applications

Specifications (both Series):

  • No. of Contacts: 6 pos.
  • Operating Temperatur: -40 Deg. C + 85 Deg. C
  • Insulation Resistance: 100M ohms min. (when mated)
  • Applicable Board Thickness: t1.6mm
  • Applicable Wire: Shield Twist Quad (STQ) wire (harness product only)
  • Connector Insertion Force: 70N max.
  • Housing Retention Force: 100N min.
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