Murata – widens line-up of automotive grade NTC chip thermistors

The NCPxxxx0Sxx series features wide resistance value and size ranges to maximise design flexibility. The automotive grade parts are available in two case sizes. The NCP15xx0Sx series is in 0402 case size, including 22 different resistance values between 1.5kOhm and 470kOhm. The NCP18**0S* series is in 0603 case size and features extended resistance range with 21 available values between 100 Ohm and 470 kOhm.

NCPxxxx0Sxx series thermistors are suitable for use in practically every part of an automotive electronics system. For example, monitoring temperature to protect ICs and devices such as power MOSFETs in the engine control unit (ECU), ABS, EPS (electric power steering) and alternator control systems. Temperature monitoring is also required for normal operation of devices such as LCDs, DC-DC converters, DVD drives and fiber optic transmitters for MOST. Further examples include temperature-compensation circuitry for various sensors, or monitoring the temperature inside the inverter (ballast) unit in the headlamps.

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