Microchip – Expands XLP Low-Power PIC® Microcontroller Portfolio With Integrated Hardware Encryption Engine

Several security features are integrated into the PIC24"GB2" family, to protect embedded data. The fully featured hardware crypto engine, supporting the AES, DES and 3DES standards, reduces software overhead, lower power consumption and enables faster throughput. This is an other example of Microchip’s Core Independent Paripherials, wich can run with no CPU supervision. Also, a Random Number Generator creates random keys for data encryption, decryption and authentication, to provide a higher level of security. For additional protection, the One-Time-Programable (OTP) key storage prevents the encryption key from being read or overwritten. These security features increase the integrity of embedded data without sacrificing power consumption.

With XLP technology, the "GB2" family achieves 180µA/MHz Run currents and 18nA Sleep currents, for very long battery life in portable applications. For connectivity, the "GB2" family integrates USB for device or host connections, as well as a UART with ISO7816 support. Microchip also has a fexible range of certified wireless modules for WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy, making it easy to add wireless connections to a PIC24"GB" application.

With Internet of Things growing at a rapid rate, protecting embedded data and extending battery life are not an option, but a necessity. Development support The PIC24"GB2" family is supported by Microchip’s standard suite of development tools, including the Explorer16 Development Board (TOOL2027), USB PICTail Plus Daughter Board (TOOL2636). Availability Product variants of the PIC24"GB2" family are available. On stock at Rutronik at ICMCU22142. 

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