JAE – High-current In-line Connector Compatible with 150A "DW05 Series" Has Been Developed

So there are a lot of demands for connection methods that can prevent incorrect wiring and short circuit accidents.JAE has now developed the 150A-class high-current connector “DW05 Series” which can realize a safe connection in the situation using such high current. The contacts of the DW05 Series cannot be touched easily, and from the difference in the mating shape the connection between the opposite polarities cannot be made. So it is possible to prevent short circuit accidents between the opposite polarities and realize a high level of safety.Also, it contributes to shorten work time for customers by simplifying connection work with an easy operation lock structure equipped between the connectors, which can provide adequate strength as well as screw fixing.

The DW05 Series features a multi-contact structure compatible with high-current connection and also has superior connection stability.


  • High Workability: With mis-mating prevention key to avoid wrong wiring and short-circuit during assembly.
  • High Safety: With structure to prevent finger tips from touching the terminal to avoid electrical shock. Connection of positive and negative polarity terminals prevented by using 2 different colors for insulator (white and black), and a different mating shape for each.
  • Termination: Crimp termination considering on-site assembly. Standard compatible cable is 38sq (square). (Cable of 26 to 42 sq in the same shape is possible to be used)
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