Molex Develops Only Single Connector Solution For Todays Thin-Screen LED Televisions And Monitors

The IllumiMate™ 1.00 and 1.25 mm pitch wire-to-board connector system provides design flexibility with multiple mating and voltage configurations. Molex Incorporated introduces its IllumiMate™ 1.00 and 1.25 mm pitch wire-to-board connector system, offering today’s flat-panel LED television and PC monitor manufacturers more mating styles, voltage ratings, circuit sizes and locking types than any similar connector system currently on the market. By providing a single system, the IllumiMate family allows set makers to design various models around a single connector type and PCB footprint pattern.

“The application of LED backlights to flat panel TVs continues to grow as manufacturers look to achieve more brilliant resolution and lower power consumption while providing thinner screens and a greater variety of sizes and functions. Previously, there wasn’t one connector family that could meet all these different needs,” said Goji Tanabe, regional product manager, Molex. “The new IllumiMate 1.00 and 1.25 mm pitch series from Molex not only addresses the demand for narrow-width, low-power connectors, but also the need for greater versatility by providing the widest range of mating and voltage configurations in the industry today.”

The IllumiMate 1.00 mm saves about 50 percent of space compared to IllumiMate 1.25 mm and offers lower voltage options to help reduce power consumption. Both the 1.00 and 1.25 mm product families have different options in areas such as voltage, circuit sizes and wire gauge and share several key features including:

  • Positive and friction locks for secure latching and space savings with an anti wire-tangling feature and middle friction lock with window for visible mating assurance.
  • Polarization guide ribs that protect the pins while preventing improper mating and side-to-side movement. The 1.00 mm pitch version has guide ribs located on the housing ends, while the1.25 mm pitch version has them towards the middle.
  • Wide front solder tabs for strong PCB retention.
  • Dual-contact terminal design, which offers electrical contact assurance with low insertion force.
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