Molex – Backplane Pin Map Configurator Makes Designing Custom Products Easy

Molex Incorporated recently launched a new online tool for backplane product design. The Backplane Pin Map Configurator guides users through a series of inputs to identify backplane parameters and quickly generate a pin map for their backplane application. Available free on the Molex website, the Backplane Pin Map Configurator is designed to shorten time-to-market and improve overall backplane design and performance.

“Balancing performance and cost is the key to successful backplane design. We are pleased to offer a powerful new design tool to help customers narrow down the exact products they need,” states Zach Bradford, new product development manager, Molex. “Backplane product design is now more convenient than ever with our easy-to-use pin map configurator.”

The Backplane Pin Map Configurator allows users to quickly identify the best Molex 25 Gbps Impact™ and 40 Gbps Impel™ backplane connector options for an application and allows easy customisation of their pin map by toggling the high-speed signal pins, grounds, low-speed signal pins, and power pins.

The configurator presents various module options based on the slot pitch and overall lengths that match their specifications. Each module selection offers a pin map configuration showing recommended pin placement. After finalising desired features, the completed pin map can be downloaded in a spread sheet format that can be saved, reviewed and shared offline to further accelerate the design process.“Backplane configurations resulting in unused pins add unnecessary size and cost. By identifying and eliminating unused pins, the Backplane Configurator helps customers effectively manage their signal requirements for a more cost-effective end product,” adds Bradford.

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