Epson – RTC All in One Solution SO-8 Footprint – Intergrated Crystal

EPSON offers a new All in One Solution, simple function, low power RTC module RX8010S.

  • Crystal embedded
  • SOP-8 pin compatible to NXP – Maxim – IDT
  • Good cost performance
  • Easy replacement of SO-8 RTC derivates + external crystal
  • Easy replacement Guide available
  • Register Map cross-reference data
  • Linux Driver available


  • I²C Bus Interface
  • Wide timekeeper voltage range: 1,1 – 5,5V
  • Low back-up current: 160nA (3V Typ.)
  • User RAM : 128bit
  • Functions: Calendar, Timer, Alarm etc.
  • Output : CMOS or open drain 32.768kHz – 1024HZ or 1Hz
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