C&K Components Illuminated Tactile Switch (ITS) Series

C&K Components Illuminated Tactile Switch (ITS) Series comes in many different single LED colors and bi-color options. Vertical and right angle, as well as thru-hole and SMT versions are available. A dome contact provides crisp tactile feedback. This positive response indicates circuit transfer to the user and offers a long mechanical life cycle of up to 50,000 operations. Contamination from flux, solvents, and other substances are prevented with insert-molded terminals. The ITS Series is ideal for a wide range of applications including  medical devices, test/measurement/instrumentation, and audio/video.


  • Vertical and right angle
  • Thru-hole and SMT models
  • Multiple caps and legends
  • Several LED colors and bi-color options
  • RoHS compliant /compatible


  • Consumer electronics
  • Server/storage
  • Medical devices
  • Test/Measurement/Instrumentation
  • Audio/Video
  • Computers/Peripherals
  • Security


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