JAE – MX34 Expanded Lineup Non-waterproof Connector

Along with the technological advance of the car, the number of the apparatus used has increased and the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) controlling it is also increasing. At the same time the connection points by wire harnesses and connectors to connect those have been increasing. Under this background, JAE has enhanced variations of the existing compact / high-density non-waterproof connector MX34 series based on the customer’s needs. Therefore, MX34 Series is possible to correspond as an interface to connect various units such as body-chassis ECU, switches, and sensors and then will contribute to unify the series of connectors the customer’s uses.


  • Satisfies connector specifications required by automotive manufacturers.
  • Expanded variations.
    • Board-to-cable type, in-line type
    • On-Board type is available in both straight and right angle with a choice of one row and two rows for each.
    • Available in through-hole type and surface mount (SMT) type.
    • Socket housing is available in color variations (gray, beige, black) for color coding the connectors so that they can be distinguished at mating.
  • Mechanical lock system ensures reliable mating.
  • Preset type retainer surely detects incomplete insertion of the terminals.
  • ISO/JASO standard middle tab size 0.64mm is used for pin terminals.
  • Socket terminal is a box structure type durable to external strength.

Applicable market

Body-Chassis ECU, switches

General specifications

1. No. of Contacts: Please refer to below.
2. Contact Resistance: 5 ohms max. (initial) 10m ohms max. (after test)
3. Operating Temperature: -40 Deg. C +85 Deg. C
4. Applicable Wire: Please refer to below.
5. Rated Current: 3A
6. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: AC 1000V for 1 Minute

No. of Contacts


Applicable Wire

JAE_MX34_Applicable Wire

Materials and Finishes

Pin Header

MX34 (Through-hole)

JAE_MX34_Through Hole

MX34R (Surface Mount SMT)

JAE_MX34_Surface Mount

Socket Housing (MX34R Series / MX34 Series in common)

JAE_MX34_Socket Housing

Socket Terminal

JAE_MX34_Socket Terminal

In-line Housing

JAE_MX34_Inline Housing

In-line Pin Terminal

JAE_MX34_In-line Pin Terminal



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