Microchip – Low Power PIC MCU with Integrated Crypto Engine

The PIC24F“GB2“ family of 16-bit MCUs enables secure data transfers and storage for Internet of Things and battery-powered embedded applications. This family features integrated Hardware Crypto Module, eXtreme Low Power, USB2.0 OTG and advanced peripherials. The advantage of Hardware Crypto Engine over software implementation is, less software overhead, opretates at lower CPU frequency to save power.


  • AES Engine with 128,192 or 256-Bit Key
  • Supports ECB, CBC, OFB, CTR and CFB128 modes
  • DES/Triple DES (TDES) Engine: Supports 2-Key and 3-Key EDE or DED TDES
  • Supports up to Three Unique Keys for TDES
  • Programmatically Secure
  • True Random Number Generator
  • Pseudorandom Number Generator
  • Non-Readable, On-Chip, OTP Key Storages

The PIC24F “GB2” 16-bit MCUs save power with the Extreme Low-Power features

  • Extreme Low-Power Current Consumption for Deep Sleep: WDT: 270 nA @ 3.3V typical
    • RTCC: 400 nA @ 32 kHz, 3.3V typical
    • Deep Sleep current, 40 nA, 3.3V typical
  • Multiple Power Management Options for Extreme Power Reduction
    • VBAT, Deep Sleep, Sleep and Idle Mode, Doze Mode.
  • Alternate Clock modes allow On-the-Fly Switching to a Lower Clock Speed for Selective Power Reduction

And can easy be connected to USB with the integrated Universal Serial Bus

  • USB v2.0 On-The-Go (OTG) Compliant
  • Dual Role Capable; can Act as Either Host or Peripheral
  • Low-Speed (1.5 Mb/s) and Full-Speed (12 Mb/s) USB Operation in Host mode
  • Full-Speed USB Operation in Device mode
  • High-Precision PLL for USB
  • USB Device mode Operation from FRC Oscillator
  • No crystal oscillator required
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