OptiMOS in TO-Leadless, the perfect package for your drives system

The new TO-Leadless package is optimized for high current applications up to 300A, such as Forklift, Light Electric Vehicles (LEV), Powertools, PoL (Point of Load) and Telecom.

The latest OptiMOS™ silicon technology in combination with reduced package resistance achieves lowest RDS(on). This leads to reduction in the number of parallel MOSFETs in a forklift application and increased power density.

Further the 60% smaller package size enables a very compact design. Compared to D²PAK 7pin, TO-Leadless shows a substantial reduction in footprint of 30%. The 50% reduced height offers a significant advantage in applications where compact designs are key, such as rack or blade servers.

Moreover low package parasitic inductances result in an improved EMI behavior and a 50% bigger solder contact area avoids electro migration at high current levels, which results in improved reliability.

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