JAE – Both Screw Mating and One-touch Locking Feasible Waterproof Circular Connectors based on MIL-DTL-5015 “JL10 Series” Has Been Developed

MIL-DTL-5015 circular connectors are widely used for industrial equipment’s such as working machines and robots.

Owing to the screws prescribed in MIL specification, there is a merit that their compatible mating connectors are available anywhere in the world.

Recently there is a lot of demand for products with one-touch lock mating method which has an easier operability, and also a higher resistance to loosening under vibration environments, compared to the screw mating method. To meet these demands, JAE has developed the JL10 Series connector, which is compatible with the one-touch lock method in addition to the screw mating method based on MIL specification. The JL10 Series connector can be mated with the screw mating type and the one-touch locking type plug connectors with a screw thread and a triple-thread groove for one-touch locking on the receptacle connector.

The outer dimensions and the mounting hole dimensions of the receptacle connector are the same as MIL specification products so switching from the conventional products can be done easily. Therefore, without any alteration in the design of the main device the interface can be switched to a one-touch lock compatible type just by replacing the connectors.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQ1dkmea6YQ


  • Compatible with both one-touch lock mating and MIL specification screw mating
  • With mating and replacement compatibility with MIL specification connector
  • The receptacle connector is individually waterproof and IP67 is realized by the waterproof structure of the mated connector
  • UL recognized and TÜV approved products
  • One-touch lock mating with easy operability and good vibration resistance
  • Low-profile compact design and direction of the cable leader of angle type can be set in arbitrary 8 directions in 45 degrees increments
  • Possible to check completion of the one-touch lock mating by locking sound, click feeling, and confirmation of the guide mark by sight

Applicable market

Industrial machineries, robots, servo motors, semiconductor-fabrication equipment’s, communication devices, and other industrial machinery applications.

General specifications

JAE_General Specifications


Materials and Finishes





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