FCI – HPCE Mezzanine Connectors

Building upon the existing HPCE® product family, the new HPCE Mezzanine connectors provide an economical solution for transmitting power and low-speed signals between two parallel circuit boards with a wide variety of spacing options.

Designed for applications requiring variable heights, this compact Mezzanine solution delivers a current density of up to 200A per inch with a mezzanine stack height ranging from 32mm to 45mm. The power contacts and housing design of HPCE® Mezzanine connectors are made for high current density power distribution applications, and are ideal for 1U/2U servers, switches, storage enclosures, telecommunications equipment, industrial computers, as well as industrial controls and instrumentation.

“Following the success of our HPCE® connectors for co-planar and right angle applications, we wanted to extend to mezzanine applications as well where more power is required,” says Michael Blanchfield, Portfolio Director for Power Solutions at FCI. “With its high power density and variable stack height, we are confident this new product offering will meet requirements of most design engineers seeking a reliable and flexible mezzanine board-to-board interconnect solutions.”HPCE® Mezzanine connectors are available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate varying amounts of power and signal.

The inserted Bridge Board activates a positive lock in the HPCE connector to secure one of the mating halves. The mating mezzanine board is easily inserted or removed, and both connector halves offer greater than 3mm contact wipe for improved reliability. The connectors are also equipped with a highly ventilated housing design to improve heat dissipation. These are crucial features in server and data storage applications to help avert overheating issues, thus increasing the equipments’ reliability.

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