C&K Components PHB Pushbutton Switches Feature Kinked Terminals for Secure Mounting on 2-sided PC Boards

PHB Series short-stroke pushbutton switches with momentary or latching action…

C&K Components has developed a series of PCB-mounted short-stroke pushbutton switches with an optional kinked-style termination that facilitates secure mounting on two-sided PC boards.

The PHB Series short-stroke pushbutton switches are designed for through-hole PCB soldering, and are available in either 2-pole (operating force 170g / 1.67N) or 4-pole (operating force 230g / 2.26N) configurations.  Total travel distance is 2.5mm ± 0.5mm; with latching travel (for push on-push off action) of 1.5mm ± 0.5mm.  With an economical and reliable sealed contact design, the PHB Series switches are ideal for variety of non-power, on-off switch circuits in computer and peripheral equipment, instrumentation and measurement applications.

“A unique innovation for the PHB Series switches is the optional kinked plug-in termination option, which facilitates a more secure mounting to the PC board, particularly when used on a 2-sided PCB,” said Kyle Peterson, Product Manager at C&K Components. “Straight terminations are also available for conventional soldering.”

Rated for 1A@15V DC, the PHB Series switches feature contact resistance of 20mOhms (initial) and insulation resistance of 100MOhms, with an operational life of 10,000 cycles at rated load.  Operating temperature range is -10 degreesC to 60 degreesC.

Sold in tray packs in 100 quantities, the PHB Series switches are available with black, gray, red or ivory buttons in square, round, rectangular or indexed styles (ordered separately).


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