Vishay – New VSMG285011 and VSMB294008 Infrared Emitters

The price-competitive surface-mount devices utilize small emitter dies in Vishay’s robust and reliable dome lens package, while offering narrow viewing angles. For consumer and industrial applications, the diodes are available in both gullwing and reverse gullwing packages.

Product Benefits:

  • Narrow viewing angles with high radiant intensity
    Robust and reliable surface-mount dome lens packages measuring 2.3 mm by 2.3 mm by 2.8 mm
  • Gullwing and reverse gullwing packages available
  • Operating temperature from -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Matched with photodetectors in dome lens packages, such as the VEMD2000X0


  • 850 nm emitting diode based on GaAlAs double hetero (DH) technology11 mil chip size
  • Narrow ± 12° viewing angle
  • High 40 mW/sr radiant intensity
  • Fast 20 ns rise / fall times
  • 940 nm emitting diode based on GaAlAs multi quantum well (MQW) technology
  • 8 mil chip size o Narrow ± 7° viewing angle
  • High 60 mW/sr radiant intensity
  • Fast 15 ns rise / fall times


  • RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and Vishay green
  • Support lead (Pb)-free processing
  • Provide a moisture sensitivity level (MSL) of 4, in accordance with J-STD-020, for a floor life of 72 hours.

Market Applications:

Smoke detectors, data transmission, miniature light barriers, camera illumination, optical switches, photointerrupters, and emitters for proximity and gesture recognition.

The Perspective:

Offering very competitive pricing, the Vishay Semiconductors VSMG285011 and VSMB294008 IR emitter diodes combine narrow viewing angles and high radiant intensities in small chip sizes. The devices are offered in Vishay’s robust and reliable gullwing and reverse gullwing dome lens packages, which the company mass produces.

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