Renesas Electronics Europe – TES Electronic Solutions’ Guiliani Graphical User Interface Software Now Supports Renesas RZ/A1 Microprocessors (MPU)

Renesas’ RZ/A1 microprocessor (MPU) has been designed to give an optimal cost / performance balance for Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications. In contrast to a standard microprocessor architecture, the RZ/A1 Group incorporates up to 10MB of embedded SRAM, eliminating the need for external RAM. It can also give a significant performance boost compared with devices needing to run code over an external bus interface. This achieves a high performance – and with no external RAM required, system cost and complexity can be reduced dramatically. Of course, hardware requires optimised software too. Supported by TES Electronic Solutions’ Guiliani HMI software, the RZ/A1 provides a complete and very cost-effective solution.

Guiliani is a platform independent HMI framework designed to meet todays’ user expectations for smartphone-like HMIs on highly cost-driven embedded systems. Being OS- and CPU-agnostic and without requiring an expensive hardware GPU, it covers a wide range of cost efficient MCUs and MPUs and is an ideal complement to Renesas’ RZ/A series.

Guiliani is delivered with a customisable and extensible set of modern widgets and features like carousels, wheels, gauges, drop boxes, animations, transition effects, multi-language support and skinning. Applying its modern graphics processing features, including sub-pixel accurate rendering, anti-aliasing, scaling, filtering and blending in combination with smart redraw and caching mechanisms, provides an eye-catching and high-performance visual experience. Guiliani’s PC drag and drop editor and simulator support rapid HMI design and prototyping, resulting in fast development cycles.

Robert Kalman (Renesas Electronics Europe) says: “In the HMI market today, competitive pressures mean that companies need a complete package of high-performance hardware and software to reduce development time and cost. The combination of Renesas’ RZ/A1 and TES Electronic Solutions’ Guiliani software provides customers with a wonderful user experience, fast time to market and very appealing GUIs.”

Thomas Hase (TES Electronic Solutions) said: “With the breakthrough of integrating sufficiently large internal SRAM and being optimised for modern HMI solutions, the Renesas RZ/A is a very attractive platform for our Guiliani HMI framework. RZ/A together with Guiliani are at the sweet spot of fantastic GUI experiences with fast development cycles at very attractive system cost.” Renesas’ starterkits for the RZ/A1 are available in Rutronik’s webg@te: matchcode RSK RZ/A1. The Guiliani software from TES is not included.

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