Molex – Launches New Customised POF Cable Assemblies And Harnesses

Molex Incorporated has recently launched its new fully customisable Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) assemblies and harnesses designed to offer a rugged and cost-effective solution to provide maximum flexibility for optical cabling in a vast number of industrial, medical, transportation, renewable energy, smart grid, electrical & hybrid vehicles, consumer, sensors and imaging applications.

“Customers are able to specify assemblies and harnesses in terms of connector types, jacket material and colour, temperature range, UL certification, cable lengths and tolerances, numerical aperture, fiber size” says Mickaël Marie, European business manager, integrated products division, fibre optic business unit, Molex. “Cable assemblies and harnesses terminated by Molex SMI connectors, plus a wide range of connectors from different manufacturers, are also available to answer specific application requirements at a cost-competitive price.”

Molex’s POF cable assemblies and harnesses can withstand harsh environments in temperatures ranging from -55 up to +105°C. In addition, a choice of polymer and metal connectors from a wide range of manufacturers offers excellent Insertion Loss performance, through cost-effective component selection. The colour-coded cable jackets allow engineers to simplify connectorisation in the field or at factory floor, and the bare-fibre assembly capabilities make Molex’s POF cable assemblies and harnesses an ideal solution for sensor applications.

“Purchasing fully-customised cable solutions can allow customers to simplify their supply-chain through vendor reduction and remove third-party costs,” adds Marie.

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