Thinfilm Precision Resistor

If we speak about precision resistors we mainly mean resistor elements in thinfilm-technology.

Thin film resistors are typically used for applications that require high stability, high accuracy or low noise. Thin film resistors are able to achieve very lower tolerances and temperature coefficients.


  • High heat resistance
  • Operating temperature range +155°C
  • Typical drift below 0,05% after 1000h
  • Pulse stability
  • High reliability
  • Moister resistance
  • T.C.R. up to ± 5ppm/K
  • Resistance change ± 0,1%


Current Sensing Resistor (Shunt)

The main characteristic of a current sensing resistor (shunt) is a low ohmic resistance which is optimized to monitor the current through a circuit. The calculation based on the voltage drop across the shunt. This allows an accurate and convenient current measurement according to the Ohm`s law.


  • Resistance range from 0.2m Ω to 1 Ω
  • Power rating up to 5W
  • Operating temperature range from -65 to +275°C
  • Low tolerances
  • Practically unaffected by temperature fluctuations
  • Low thermal EMF
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