A varistor is a voltage dependant electronic component, often called VDR. Varistors belong to the nonlinear devices. These components provide reliable protection against high voltage transients and surges. When a transient occurs the varistor

  • it has at low voltages an extremely high resistance
  • it has at high voltages a very low resistance.

The most common type of varistor is a metal oxide varistor (MOV) which is composed mainly of zinc oxide.

The Multilayer Varistors (MLV) are leadless chip devices that follow the development that electronic circuits are becoming smaller and more sensitive to external interference.


  • Fast response time
  • Low leakage current
  • Excellent voltage ratio
  • Wide voltage and energy ratio
  • Low standby power and no follow on current
  • High performance in surge current handling capability
  • High performance in clamping voltage characteristics



  • Automotive
    • Body electronics
    • Comfort and Convenience
    • Safety
    • Underhood
  • Energy
    • Smart GRID
    • Smart Meter
    • Solar / wind inverter
  • Industrial
    • Automation
    • Motor Control
  • Medical
    • Hand held equipment
  • Lighting
    • LED Driver
    • Power LED
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