AVX – Introduces New AT Series High Temperature MLCC Chips Rated at 250°C

The new capacitors demonstrate high current handling capabilities, high volumetric efficiency, high insulation resistance and low ESR/ESL. Available in a wide range of sizes, values, and voltages all rated at 250°C, in addition to two dielectrics and multiple termination options, AT Series capacitors provide exceptional performance in the most demanding automotive, avionics, aerospace, and energy applications.

Specifically, AT Series MLCCs are ideal for use as filters in the power electronics, switch mode power supplies, and DC/DC converters designed into a broad range of automotive applications, including: under hood, hybrid electric vehicle, engine control, sensor, and timing circuit applications; avionics and aerospace applications, including: transducer, engine control, spacecraft, flap and brake control, sensor, and timing circuit applications; and energy applications, including: down-hole oil exploration, logging while drilling, geophysical probe, seismic, geothermal, wind, solar, sensor, and timing circuit applications.

Some Key Features/Benefits Include:

  • Case sizes: 1206 to 2225
  • Life tested to 1,000 hours @ 200% rated voltage and +250°C
  • Temperature Coefficients: COG(NPO), VHT(X7R)
  • Capacitance Range: 2200pF to 1µF
  • Voltage Ratings: 16V, 25V
  • RoHS compliant version available
  • Case sizes: 1206 to 2225

Applications/ Advantages & Selling Points

  • DC filters in motor drives
  • High-pulsed current circuitry
  • Down-Hole Oil Exploration
  • Space and aerospace electronics
  • Hybrid Automotive
  • High current handling capabilities
  • High volumetric efficiency
  • High insulation resistance
  • Very low ESR/ESL
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