The Littelfuse setP™ temperature indicator helps protect USB Type-C plugs from overheating. It has been designed to the unique specifications of USB Type-C and is capable of helping to protect even the highest levels of USB power delivery.


    • Compact footprint 0805 mils
    • Sensitive and reliable temperature indication
    • SMD compatible with reflow soldering process
    • USB Power Delivery complaint
    • Zero IR loss contribution
    • Protects systems with 100W or higher power
  • Evaluated to UL 1434 and Annex J of IEC 60730-1


    • USB Type-C plugs
    • USB-C to USB-C Cable
    • Chargers with captive Type-C cables
  • Fast charging standards and protocols compliant with USB-C and USB-PD

Littelfuse Temperature Indicator setP™ Datasheet