Rohm Semiconductor – ML8511 Ultra-Violet Sensor is Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Use

The ML8511 UV sensor from ROHM Semiconductor is suitable for acquiring UV intensity indoors or outdoors. The ML8511 is equipped with an internal amplifier that converts photo-current to voltage depending on the UV intensity. This unique feature offers an easy interface to external circuits such as ADC. In the power-down mode, typical standby current is 0.1 μA, enabling longer battery life.

LAPIS Semiconductor developed the UV sensor ( ML8511 ) to detect a ultra violet rays with Si ( silicon ) device using the original SOI ( silicon on insulator ) technology. The ML8511 measures the amount of ultra violet rayses contained in sunlight, and it is used for the equipment which displays the suntan by a ultra violet rays, the guidance for UV care of skin, etc. The ML8511 is ideal for mobile computing devices, such as a smart phone, a mobile phone, and a watch, at low power and a compact package (QFN).


  • Optical sensor to UV-A and UV-B
  • Realize equalization of an output voltage by trimming
  • The analog voltage output proportional to UV light intensity
  • Low current operation ( 300µA Typ. )
    and low standby current ( 0.1µA Typ. )
  • Compact QFN package
    ( 4.0mm × 3.7mm × 0.73mm )
  • The TSV-CSP version is under development for the further small size package
    ( 2.1 × 1.8mm )


  • UV monitoring is simply possible at mobile computing devices with space-saving and low power.
  • Digitization is easy at AD converter etc. because the variation between elements is few and output is voltage.


  • As UV monitor of mobile computing devices, such as a smart phone, a mobile phone, a watch, an accessory or a game.
  • UV radiation-quantity monitoring of skin care, aging, etc.
  • As sensor network nodes, such as sunshine and an environment monitor.
  • Industrial use, such as sterialization and washing.


Part No. ML8511
Functional description UV sensor with amplifier circuit
Operating voltage 2.7 to 3.6V
Operating temperature -20 to +70°C
Maximum-sensitivity wave length 365nm
Sensitivity region UV-A and UV-B
Output type Analog
Current Consumption
(Operating mode / Standby mode)
300µA / 0.1µA


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