POLYMER CAPACITORS Speed up your Design – the next Stage of Low ESR

The increasing performance requirements for electric devices demand for high efficiency capacitors. In modern designs the operating frequencies increase up to MHz area, the ambient temperature on the PCB is getting higher, the space for components on PCB’s is very limited and customers are requesting a long lifetime and high reliability. This requires for high-end and versatile specification for capacitors in such designs. They need to deliver low resistance and enable high ripple current with stable characteristics at high frequencies and in a wide temperature range.

The Panasonic Polymer Capacitor Family offers 4 different technologies that fulfill the various requests with the most suitable solution available


  • Wide voltage range: 2VDC – 100VDC
  • Wide capacitance range: 2.2uF – 2700uF
  • Super low ESR values down to 3mOhm
  • High ripple current: up to 7200mArms
  • Wide Temperature range: -55°C to +105°C / +125°C

High miniaturization potential – Long lifetime & high reliability

Panasonic offers the most complete product range in the industry with a Polymer technology portfolio composed of Polymer Hybrid, Polymer Tantal, Polymer Aluminium as chip and can type.

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