Quartz, Oscillators, RTC

This product group contains:

  • Crystals
  • Crystal Oscillators
  • Real Time Clock modules


Crystal (or Quartz Crystal)

Quartz crystal consists of piezo electrical material and applied in oscillator circuitries to create an electrical signal with a very precise frequency.

Crystals can be manufactured for oscillation over a wide range of frequencies from kilohertz up to several hundred megahertz. A variety of frequencies is available  in many different packages.

Depending on the frequency quarz crystals are available in CAN – Metal – Plastic – Ceramic packages. THT and SMD derivates suits to the market demand and application requirements.

Oscillator  (Active Component with integrated Crystal)

Oscillators became known as crystal oscillators as a crystal is applied to a IC/ amplifiere to provide a clock output signal. 50ppm stability is a industrial standard, available in various
packages down to 2×1,6mm.

Environmental changes like temperature and others can change the frequency of a quartz crystal. Derivates , such as TCXO, VC-TCXO , OCXO  or Digial temperatur compensated Oscillators can reduce these environmental effects. Stabilities of 0,02 ppm can be achieved.

SAW Oscillators provide lowest Jitter , high frequeny clocks in TTL- CMOS – LVDS – Differential LV PECL output load conditions.

Real Time Clock modules  (Active Component with integrated Crystal)

…Goes without saying…

Space saving: all in one package    Time saving: no further evaluation , “ finished product”
Power saving. Lowest current consumption   Reliability: save oscillation start , low failure rate

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