Osram presents its first CoB LED for both indoor and outdoor lighting

After the market launch of the P 9 version, Soleriq P 6 is Osram’s second step toward new LEDs with enormous brightness and efficiency, generated from a light-emitting surface (LES) that is getting progressively smaller. This small LES means that extremely compact and therefore lightweight optics can be fitted for highly compact spotlights. The spotlights can therefore be significantly smaller and more cost-effective, while still providing the same luminous intensity.

The luminous intensity for adequate pavement lighting, for example, can be achieved by just one Soleriq P 6. Implemented in outdoor applications such as parking lighting, the defined radiation area enables walkways to be perfectly illuminated and reduces light pollution. The Soleriq P 6 LEDs are also highly resistant to corrosion caused by poor environmental conditions. Of course the CRI 80 version can be used in typical spotlights for directional indoor lighting as well. For shop and museum lighting in particular, the Soleriq P 6 is also available in a CRI 90 version.

LEDs based on Chip-on-Board technology are easy to process. The new Osram Soleriq P 6 does not require SMT soldering as part of the assembly process – adhesive or holders are sufficient. All of these accessories tailored for the product family are available on the market – including from experts in the Osram partner network “LED Light for you”.

The P 6 is the second member of the new Soleriq P series, following the existing E and S series. For more information about the Soleriq product family visit our website.

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