Osram – IR SFH4726S

When integrated in reflector-based optics, the infrared LED (IRED) pre-shapes the light beam, concentrates it and can then focus it efficiently via other optics. As a result, smaller optics can be used, permitting generally more compact lighting solution designs. This system will replace the current conventional approach, which requires optics with a much larger optical aperture. Customers also stand to benefit, for the smaller dimensions offer much greater design freedom for lighting solutions. Another advantage of the new IRED is its high optical performance of 990 mW at a current of 1 A.
Discreet surveillance thanks to 940 nm

Like its sister IRED product, the SFH 4725S, the new Oslon Black has a wavelength of 940 nm. This long-wave radiation at the red end of the spectrum is barely visible to the human eye. Even the slight red glow which can be perceived at a wavelength of 850 nm rarely occurs with this version. Infrared LEDs are hence ideal for discreet surveillance applications; for instance in the main hall of a bank or at border crossings.

The launch of the SFH 4726S now provides customers with another Osram product for discreet security surveillance. Other fields of application for the IR Oslon Black family include optical vehicle security systems or gesture detection for computer games.

Technical data of the IR Oslon Black SFH 4726S
Package 3.85 mm x 3.85 mm
Wavelength 940 nm
Optical performance 990 mW at 1 A
Radiant intensity 215 mW/sr
Voltage 3.4 V
Beam angle ± 75°
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