New UMB 0207 Series of High-Precision Thin Film MELF Resistors

With low TCR down to ± 5 ppm/K and tolerances down to ± 0.02 % in the standard 0207 case size, Vishay’s UMB 0207 series combines the proven reliability of professional MELF products with the most advanced level of precision and stability ever achieved with axial thin film high-precision resistors. This unique combination makes the devices perfectly suited for precision circuits in demanding applications with high accuracy and stability requirements.

Product benefits

  • Low TCR down to ± 5 ppm/K
  • Tolerances down to ± 0.02 %
  • Standard 0207 case size
  • Resistance range from 100 Ω to 390 kΩ
  • High operating voltage of 350 V
  • Rated power dissipation to 400 mW at +70 ºC
  • Excellent long term stability down to < 0.02 % after 1000hours
  • Suitable for processing on automatic SMD assembly systems

Market applications

  • Precision circuits in measurement and calibration equipment, industrial process control systems, aerospace electronics, and medical equipment
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