STMicroelectronics – First high-sensitivity 1200 V, 25 A Triac for compact industrial motor starters

It allows a more compact design compared to a mechanical contactor and offers higher performance with a high dV/dt above 2500 V/µs and a maximum gate triggering current of 50 mA. The T2550-12G is available in a D²PAK package while the T2550-12T comes in a TO-220AB package.

Its 1200 V blocking voltage enables use in 3-phase industrial application. Its noise immunity and dynamic commutation makes it suitable for either for inductive, capacitive or resistive load control. The T2550-12 is available in two packages: D²PAK and TO-220AB.

Key Features

  • On-state current: 25 A
  • Blocking voltage: 1200 V
  • High static and dynamic commutation
  • IGT= 50 mA
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