Murata – Crystal Unit for Automotive Application

Murata, the leader in automotive ceramic resonators (Ceralock), has introduced an automotive crystal unit to gain share in ADAS, PT, & Chassis applications, and to regain previous users who selected crystal for more accurate frequency needs, even for CAN application.

Murata crystal (2520) and conventional crystal (3225) have same ESR and DLD performance. Murata can offer same performance with smaller package size to contribute downsizing for new design. In the automotive market, 3225 size is popular. 2520 size is not as popular, due to the lack of suppliers offering 2520 automotive package. But Murata’s 2520 crystal can fit 3225 land patterns!


  • Small Size : 5 x 2.0 x 0.8mm
  • High Quality : Low ESR, High shock resistance
  • Economical & Robust Design
  • Simple structure using Murata’s proven package technology. Particle screening process for enhanced reliability. Complied with AEC-Q200


  • Power Train (ex. Engine/Transmission management ECU)
  • ADAS (ex. Camera for driver assist, Image processing, Emergency Brake Assist ECU)
  • Chassis, Safety applications …
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